♥About Me♥: 

I'm 22 and I'm currently an English major and hoping to get into publishing. :)
I'm in love with heroes. ♥
I LOVE the Justice League, The Thundercats, Captain Planet, Scooby-Doo, He-Man, Shera, Xena: Warrior Princess, Teen Titans, and basically anything else superhero-like. :D
I'm actually a superhero myself. ;)
Well actually I'm in training. >.>

Heh Heh! xD

Anywhoo, I LOVE to read! I particularly favor a series as I get to learn, grow, laugh, cry, with the characters and experience everything with them. Dorky, I know. >.<
But I'm fine with just a single piece. ;)
I'm not too much a fan of fan-fictions but not because I've actually tried it out more than once, it's just that I like a story the way it originally was and any changes made to it I just instantly hate. Cruel I know but I'm just not one for change I guess. :P

♥About Writing♥:

I love to write! I've loved writing stories since the first grade.
My fave genre is of course, fantasy. :3
I'd really like some feedback on my works so don't be afraid to post a comment! I don't care if it's good or bad! I VALUE constructive Criticism ;)
Vote on my works if you like them enough to vote! :D


I want to enhance my creative writing skills and hopefully go far.
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NerdLuvsHeroes NerdLuvsHeroes Feb 28, 2012 07:39PM
Posted the prologue and chapters 1 & 2 of my new story! Please read it and let me know what you guys think! I'd be much obliged! ♥ Don't be afraid to leave some critiques. :D
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