I'm Canadian.
I love writing and reading.
And supporting everyone's work!! (PM me if you need anything!)
I've been published various times in writing contests.
I have a certificate in Creative Writing.
I suck at drawing.
I waste my days on the internet on Netflix.
I've travelled to 10 countries and counting.
I speak English, French, and Korean.
I'm TEFL certified!!
I'm addicted to coffee.
And Kdramas.
I'm in love with Assassin's Creed. (I've beat every game so far!)
And Far Cry.
And Halo. (Oh god, Master Chief,,,,)
My music library goes from Country to Punk to Classical so fast...
I'm 18.
Dalhousie University student!
Video game tester at Ubisoft - Summer only. :(
I love hockey! (GO HABS GO!)
LGBTQ+ Supporter.
Tumblr is like my second home.
I'm bad at descriptions ahh...
I'm also a huge loser.
Weekly Updates
TLOF - Every 5-7 days.
My Perfect Life - When available.
Coming soon:
Beneath the Crowd
My Perfect Life (requested weekly updates)
Life Before Death (requested)
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    Nova Scotia, Canada
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My Perfect Life

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Description: Janine absolutely hates Christian. He's the most annoying, rude, and inconsiderate person on the planet and there's no escape from him. He's in all her classes, they're neighbours, and their parents are best friends. She wishes he would leave her al...

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My laptop is in for repairs so I might not be able to update TLOF this weekend, but hopefully I'll get it back soon!