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About Sara:
I am a person.
I like music.
I play flute and guitar.
I like to draw.
I am a person.
I eat food.
I wish I was Asian.
I do like Rock music.
I am forever alone.
I like food.
I am a proud vegetarian.
I suck at spelling.
I am not mainstream. AT ALL.
I am Christian.
I live by "Fish are friends, not food." (K comment- "She really does.")
I have no clue when I met Kara.
I love Adventure Time.
I have braces AND glasses.
I am pretty much obsessed with grammar. so dunt typ lyk dis ar il kel u bra.

About Kara:
I am an author that is currently working on EIGHT books and counting.
I have been friends with Sara since fourth grade.
I love science fiction, fantasy, romance...basically all kinds of books except nonfiction.
My friends know I'm insane. And I'm proud.
I am an animal lover all the way.
I read the Hunger Games before it was mainstream.
I love stuff from the sixties through the eighties.
I love hippie names and will probably name my children Rainbow.
I am a CHRISTIAN, and I'm PROUD!
I can play the introduction to Chasm by Flyleaf on guitar...but that's about it XD
I am the QUEEN of procrastination. Push the date back about a week if you expect something.
My favorite cartoon character? The Cheshire Cat. Hands down.
I can't eat sugar because it makes me sick. So never give me sugar.
I play an instrument no one has EVER heard of! YEAH!

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Chapter 4 just posted! Whoop whoop! -K
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