There are not enough words in the English language to describe Ellie. She's my very best friend and I have no idea what I'd do without her. Everyday, every single day of my life, she has been there for me through the highest moments, but she's never been far when I've needed her most, through the hardest times. She's the first I go to if I have a problem and she never ceases to make me laugh. Her smile, her quirky nature, everything about her makes me much more grateful everyday that I have her in my life. And this is why I say that I, myself, will always be there for her if she needs me, even if she turns up at my house at the most inappropriate time on a showery day, Black Veil Brides hat dripping with rain, shoes soaked through, because I know she'd do absolutely anything for me and I would for her too. 

So I say this to you Eleanor, I love you loads and I'm so grateful you're my best friend, and maybe I will look back on this and cringe at my cheesiness, but just one more thing, we'll be twins forever and not one of us will get left behind along this horrid journey that is life. Because you're a beautiful person inside and out and you'll never ever walk alone <3
- @littlekopiteluu

Okay, I'm crying a river inside, that was beautiful Luu :'D

Anyway, hey guys! Please please please check out my stories! It would be awesome to know what you all think! I would appreciate it so much :D and thank you to those of you who do read my stories :) you're awesome! <3
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Hello everyone!! So sorry I've been inactive for so long but I seem to have completely lost my ability to write. It's been such a bother and I have no idea what to do, it's been terrible :( I can't promise anything, at all. Maybe at some point I'll upload again, but until that day, I'm so sorry :/