Hi there!! I'm Ash :3 
I'm a neko/cat girl :)

I'm taken by @babysoncrac <3

she / they pronouns please :)
I'm pansexual 💖💛💙
I'm genderfluid i guess

I reeaaalllyy love MCR, they're my favorite band :3
Surprisingly, I don't watch anime
My friend @iwillbreakurkneecaps does tho, you should follow them, they're really awesome :)

I guess my cat girl vibes are in the closet, only people I know online know about it.

💖💙my dms are always open, so anytime you need to you can talk to me :)💙💖
This is a safe place, you won't be judged :) (unless ur homophobic, transphobic, racist, a pedophile, etc. bc that's ick)

I make these a lot: uwu , XD , Rawr :D
Sooo that's a warning

Please never misgender anyone, use any slurs, insult someone's appearance, etc. , it can really hurt and have a huge effect on people
Everyone be nice or I'll steal ur neko neko kneecaps!! Rawr!

Normally I'd never hurt a fly (I cried bc I killed one once so I set them free now), but u hurt a n y of my friends and I'll break ur neko neko n e c k

Meh Wattpad famiwy:

This Mowortal vessel is owonly a shell of the howwors within

Bye! I love u all!! Ur awesome!
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Neko_Ash69 Neko_Ash69 Oct 13, 2020 11:23PM
Iz anyone scawed of meh? Rawwwrrr!!  ^^See, awent I spookeh??
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