^ up above is an emoji of Rock Lee to make you feel happier (or less shitty) today.


I, Shaeva, propose a theory stating Rock Lee, aka "Handsome Green Beast Of The Hidden Leaf", is the most handsome and modern character in the Naruto world in which I bring to your attention:

- everyone else has thin nonexistent brows that can literally be sketched with one stroke of a pen. his (Lee's) brows are just much thicker than his village mates (?) and they perceive his brows to be much larger than their own.

- his brows are too thick for their beauty standards and it leads to the over exaggeration of their size and state. it's a joke on how the brows are perceived by them thin brow havin fellas.

I'd also like to say:

- don't roast on his spandex, like he's got a perfect butt and chiseled abs. he fine af he can show that shit off however whenever.

- don't roast on his bowl cut, okay BTS be wearin them stylish bowl cuts and if you try telling me they're not attractive i'm just gonna-

🚨‼️ so in conclusion: he doesn't have "caterpillar" brows, he has instagram guru proportionate brows like the ones Cara Delevingne be rockin. my maans is a model. 👌🏾✨

so #LeeAppreciationDay #heisthehottyoftheleaf bitches 💥
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