Please do not Panic! MCR will be for Teenagers who will live for centuries. No matter how much Grace your Three Days will have you won't resist Writing the Sins not Tragedies and how You're Not Okay. Sugar, we are going down so feel Welcomed to the Black Parade for This Is Gospel. Tell your mama we all go to hell and thnk hr fr th mmrs. I get stressed out when my Car Radio gets stolen. Then I get a Migraine.

If anyone got all of those references you are already my best friend. I love books and books and more books

Book Fandoms:
Percy Jackson
Harry Potter
Survivors (dog series)
Hunger Games
Keeper of the Lost Cities
And more I can't remember

Music Fandoms:
My Chemical Romance
Fall Out Boy
Panic! At the Disco
8 Graves
Call me Karisma
Green Day
Led Zeppelin
And more I can't remember

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