Just like everyone else in wattpad I enjoy writing and reading. They are both are ways to escape this counterfeit world full of misery and judgement. I am not the best writer but i do have really good plots and love to put lots of drama in my stories. Another form of escape for me is music. I don't really care what it is as long as i can use it to ignore people or it has some meaning to it. Half the time i feel like a fake person and the other time wondering who i am. I'm very lazy person but i enjoy writing back to anyone who comments. I have also contemplated many ways of running away from home. I don't get abused or anything but they are too judgmental and i don't  really care much about what others are wearing or doing. I'm going through the i hate everything phase and i really hate it.Lol. So i was wondering how long will it last?
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    Drinking Smirnoff With Freddy and Dimitri from V.A
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Need2FindingMyself Need2FindingMyself Jun 21, 2011 03:04AM
I uploaded a  new chapter of Where the Darkness Meets the Light. Please come read comment and vote. 
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Where the Darkness Meets the Light (Watty Award 2011)

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Description: Two teens, one problem. After being sent to her Aunt and Uncle Evangeline meets Daman. The boy of her dreams well except she didn't imagine him in a wheelchair. She also didn't expect him to be hiding a secret...


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