Nedy FItz-Jarold.(:

17. Senior in high school. Future college student. My favorite color is yellow but i'm not near as mellow. I'm Not prefect in any way. I'm only human and I do make mistakes
Cats are the best.

3 words that describe me
1) Short
2) Sassy
3) Sarcastic

I have a twin. Follow her @WashedOutReagie

I love to read Werewolf, Teen Fiction and romance stories with a touch of humor and heartbreak in them. Writing its my best hobby but it sure it a fun one. I like writing Humor, Teen Fiction, Romance, and other genres.

NOTICE>> I have dyslexia so my stories will have some errors.

Best people on Wattpad.

-Lilith (Coming Soon)
-As It Seems (On Going)

I did have an older account but I accidentally erased it.

-Yea, You're Alpha
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