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Currently I am at University, so writing remains to be a hobby of mine which I try my best to find time for.

Shadowed is one of my first writing projects which I feel confident in, and one which I am very passionate about. I hope that this is the story that I will one day finish.

Writing this novel is an absolute rush, and it can be very controlling as I find even If I'm not sat down writing it it's still taking over my thoughts during the day. I've been planning and writing this story for years now, I've got it all planned out, books dedicated to character profiling, 4 hours worth of google earth browsing for the location, and an exciting plot which gives me goosebumps.

The copy of this novel on Wattpad I am treating as my first draft. Because my writing style has changed and improved over the years, I know the beginning especially needs re-working.

I've been dedicating chapters to people who support my writing. So a big thank you to these wonderful people
Kelly_harley , LouiseBurton , DarkxxSmileyxx , AllanaWright ,10n3w01f , overtheshadows and estefany2081 !
You guys ROCK.
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NebulaAngel NebulaAngel Jun 17, 2016 09:31AM
2,000 words 3,000 to go until next chapter, I finished the uni semester :)
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