Hi i'm Nebula Angel few will also know me as reggaemufffin95 from quizilla when it was up and running.

I've tried writing quite a few stories but non really got very far.
But then came 'Untameable' My FAVORITE by far, and I'm SURE that this will be the one I finish first. I've never finished a story before you see, but I'm determined that this one will be the one.

I LOVE writing. There's ALWAYS something going round my head during the day about my story. I find my inspiration form anything and everything ; music, films, daily life, dreams. I can get so caught up in it that I end up doing intensive research on something such as the exact locations of certain events in my novel. I spent like 4 hours on google earth trying to find the BEST location for Untameable to take place. Boise, Idaho . Perfect.

You could definitely say I am OBSESSED with this story, I have all the characters profiles written up, height charts, casting, locations, music, everything and even the end plotted already. I'm so excited.

To recent I've realized that the beginning of my story really needs re-working. My writing style has changed, and I hope improved. The beginning will be re-written but I'll leave that till last. I'm treating this as my first full draft. I hope to publish one day, where the it is this story or one in the future.

I've been dedicating chapters to people who support my writing. So a big thank you to these wonderful people
Kelly_harley , LouiseBurton , DarkxxSmileyxx , AllanaWright ,10n3w01f , overtheshadows and estefany2081 !
You guys ROCK.
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NebulaAngel NebulaAngel Jan 19, 2016 03:50AM
Hello, I've been in the process of re-writing over half of the novel just because I feel my writing style has changed and improved also because the beginning of it feels quite childish, never-the-les...
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Description: 1 year ago Kaela's parents were murdered and she found out that she's a shifter. Inhuman strength and agility, heightened senses and a temper to match the devil, Kaela is hunted down and forced to cooperate an...


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