Well, lets see, what do you want to know? haha.
I am Evanescence's biggest fan(at least in my city) and I love gothic metal(if you dont know what that is, look up)
My favorite bands are:

After Forever
Picture Me Broken
System of a Down
We Are The Fallen
Within Temptation

╔═╦═╦═╦╦╗Put this on your profile
║═╣║║╔╣═╣if you are one of the
║║║║║╚╣║║11% that still
╚╩╩═╩═╩╩╝loves ROCK music

I am a singer(bass-baritone) and do live musical theatre and sometimes perform rock at cabarets. Music is my soul and writing is my passion.

I have been writing my entire life. I hate english classes because we never do creative writing. I have attempted to write so many books, it's rediculous. Grandmama's Mansion WILL be the first book I finish(I am determined) and once I write the last words I will jump up and dance, just sayin'.

UPDATE: Hey guys, so I just want to let you know my school is making me work on Grandmama's Mansion 1 hour every Thursday (minimum) because they want me to make money off of it and get a writers scholarship. Lately, I've become a professional actor, (I'm being paid!!) and a professional makeup artist (Also being paid!!) So that's why I have no time to write. But the next chapter is well on its way and I'm soo close to finishing!

NEW UPDATE: As you can see by my new profile pic, I am now a drag queen. IF you don't like it, you wouldn't like my book anyways, so you can kindly leave:) Haha

I love all my fans and I reply to ever comment I can and i will basically do anything for them.

Oh, and my biggest fan is @Chawwlie or at least he claims the title, haha;P

So yea, that's me:) Check out my story if you're here, its down there V V V V
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Nazaro Nazaro Jun 16, 2015 04:24AM
The first chapter of my new novel, Decent of The Lamb, is now out! Let me know what you think!
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