Hi my name is Najah Saharah Springer, I'm in the 9th grade and attend a Performing Arts Academy for ART, and I love to write; although my mom whom is a fashion expertdoesn't really think thats a good career anyways.... I found out about this website from my friend Sydney on our way to a Diggy concert. I read these two totally awesome stories called Never Have I ever, Addicted to Meth, The Playboy's Baby. Which in fact I cannot get out of my head!! And since I love to write I decided to put alot of my stories on hear but like all at one! ( I hate being left of on a cliff-hanger or whatever you call it). Although I love to write I love to read right now I'm reading the Kane Chronicals Book 3 !! My favorite books though are WHat I saw and how I lied, Daughters of the Moon, GAmer Girl, Perfect you, The outsiders ( you have to see the movie although its from the 80s the boys are so hott!),Oliver twist, Harriet the Spy ( yeah yeah its for little kids),Heidi ( not the model),The secret garden ( also must see movie so cute!),Black Beauty,and right now I'm re-reading Anne of the green Gables. I know not alot of books right? Anyways my fave. tv shows are Teen WOlF( team Styles or stiles?!!), Pretty Little Liars, Jane By Design, House of Anubis( I want to be able to hear a pin drop hahahahaha) Victorious, Degrassi, Awkward, Secret Circle and Antique Roadshow! My favorite stores are H&M, STrawberries, J-Crew, Steve Madden, Uggs Australia, Banana Republic, Icing and etc...... ANY WAYS YAH ... So thats my life oh and I play golf on a team, and like to swim for fun. So post comment like subscribe Bye!! :)8)
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