Hi. I don't feel we've been properly introduced.

The name's Natalie. Basically, I'm an awkward teen with no social life whose addicted to the Internet. I know, extremely jealous of my accomplishments, everyone is.


If you want to know stuff about me...

(And if you don't: Ignore the following list and stop reading my About Me. -.-)

1. I'm a gymnast.
You don't know how many times I've fallen on my face.

2. Once again a single pringle *wink**wink*.

3. I care too much about everything.

4. If you ask me: Perfect's overrated.
Except for Pitch Perfect. That movie's awesome.

5. I like strawberries.
With sugar. They're amazing with sugar.

6. I'm a Christian.
And proud, YO! Nope, never doing that again.

I love it! (It was an open song reference opportunity, how could I not take it?)

8. Pet peeve: Hypocrites.
Yes I am definitely being a hypocrite by saying this, but screw it. It bugs me...when other people do it.

9. I'm into the arts.
Music...theater...dancing. Not actual painting art. I can't paint. Or draw. Or doodle. Or sketch. You get the point.

10. I love food, my friends, and my family.
Especially food.

There. A 10 facts list. If you wanna know more; maybe you will someday but right now I'm running out of facts sooo...

I'm out!! Happy reading!!
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