I enjoy...
Computer Games:
Sims 3!

The Harry Potter series
The Percy Jackson series (& the side series)
The Twilight series (no, I'm not obsessed)
The Hunger Game series (I don't like the very end of the series but I love Peeta)
Tons others

The Harry Potter's
The Twilight movies (1st movie sucks but they're getting better)
The Hunger Games (I wish it was more intense but still a great movie)
The Little Mermaid
LOVE classic Disney! <3

GLEE! - 100% in love! (I've seen them in concert!)
Once Upon A Time
Tons more

Color - Purple
Animal - Dolphin
Disney Princess - Ariel from The Little Mermaid (but I love them all)

I'm half German, half American.
I'm an army brat.
I have lived in Germany for less than 8 years.
I love most things Disney!
I've been to Disneyland & EuroDisney.
It is my life's misson to go to every Disneyland in the world. (Florida, Hong Kong, & Toyko are left)
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