|| A Greek mythology nerd born in the Season of Hades 💀, with a Persephonean name 🌸. ||

Sun: ♏ | Moon: ♓ | Rising: ♒
Natasha (noun): derives from the Ancient Greek name Anastasíā ‎(Ἀναστασίᾱ), from anástasis ‎(ᾰ̓νᾰ́στᾰσῐς), meaning "resurrection, rebirth".

Hey loves, Natasha here. Pleased to meet you!

☀️ By day, I am an introverted, heavy-coffee-drinking, interior design-trained, architectural-drawing-producing ISTJ-T xennial panda.
🌕 By night, I am an unapologetic-steamy-romance-writing, heavy-coffee-drinking ninja-goddess-queen, riding my unicorn to my steamy happily ever after with Aidoneus Polysemantor in the Underworld.

⚠️🚨 I don't accept reading requests. Sorry, loves. I don't have the luxury of time right now to enjoy your wonderful stories. 🚨⚠️

I'm a biblioholic with a penchant for:
🏛 Greek mythology
🏰 Fairy tales and Arthurian legend
🖤 Dark romance with a sinfully sweet alphahole
👑 Pre-Tudor England
🐍 Harry Potter
🌙 Sailor Moon
🐢 Wangxian
🦁 Game of Thrones
🎨 Van Gogh, Monet and Mondrian
🏗 Gaudi and Rietveld

I love books and stories, and I write as a form of therapy because my mind is a psychedelic mishmash of a scream.
My characters are adamant that they should be let out into the world, so how can I say no to my babies?
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