one day I was reading a Carl grimes fanfic and I it was going away I didn't like so I thought and I thought and then I said to myself why don't you just make your own fanfic then I got into Harry Potter Fanfics and noticed that one's about Harry Potter himself were either short or the characters would get on my nerves so I made a Harry Potter fanfic  but that's enough of how I got to making Fanfics how about I tell you about me

I got really thick blonde hair like so thick that I can't put all of it in a hair tie I live with my mom and sister me and my sister have different dads and she has three other sisters on her dad's side I have two on my Dad's side I'm thirteen and my lips are still virgin I'm very sarcastic and crazy I don't think I'm a very good writer and I usually don't like writing but I'm enjoying this I hate stories where the girl has a perfect life and the prefect family oh yeah and I'm a recovering cutter with depression so yeah anyway let's go away from the darker side and turn on a light I want to get a couple of tattoos and join the military as either a military police officer or a mechanic then after that become a police officer in my hometown um I love rap I'm a hufflepuff and proud (sorry for being loyal and humble gosh why the hate on the puffs)um I think that's it oh yeah if your interested in any Charlie Weasley fanfic I would so check out Imagine Dragons by @kmbell92 I'm hooked oh and if your a Potterhead there are two things in this things I said that I think or kinda cool wow this is long bye
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just watched Monsters ink, and felt inspired.
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Rainbow Peck yes she is In fact gay as fuck
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