I am young, but i really do enjoy creative writing. My favorite thing to do is read, so i get a lot of inspiration from books. I want to become an author someday, so i figure why not start here? I mean, so many other writers have said that life is so short, that you should enjoy it. Well, i know I will never enjoy life unless i have lived it to the fullest. I hope one day that you will all see me in success while doing what i love to do, write.
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Narcissa611 Narcissa611 Mar 14, 2012 11:40PM
@thefairytaleending hey! What do u think of the book? I hope it's good....  I worked hard on it but now I'm sort of taking a break and typing it all up.
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Description: Have you fallen in love? How about when your love can never be? This is a story about Danny, a princess from the planet Varsha. Later she is sent to earth, where she meets Joseph. She knows her father would ne...


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