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Some of my works:
-Deem's Life
-Why Me? (Shaniiae's Story)
-Filled With Pain
-It's My Life (DJ)
-Broken Hearted

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Nanziee Nanziee Dec 11, 2014 12:34PM
hey guys. I'll be back soon! just want you guys to also recognise that a majority of my works were written, years back and are in need of edits.  pls don't judge by them, but by what is due to con me...
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Filled With Pain - NEW&IMPROVED

Social data: 1.8K reads. 69 votes. 12 comments.

Description: This is the New and Improved story of 'Rockelle Quinns' - new name Rayne Quinns Rayne Royal is your typical 17 year old, lucky enough to be born into money. Legal Money or 'illegal', it's still money.


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Filled With Pain ©

Filled With Pain ©

111K 748 161

Rockelle and Ramel. UnIdentical Twins One boy One girl. Born and Bred in Brooklyn, New York. Their life...

It's My Life- DJ -OLD VERSION -

It's My Life- DJ -OLD VERSION -

23.7K 204 62

De'Troy Johns is confused. He doesn't know what road to go down. Gang banging vs Bible banging ! Road L...

Mature Completed
Kasey - Running From Them - OLD VERSION
Deem's Life xOLD VERSION

Deem's Life xOLD VERSION

79.8K 582 43

Deem's Life, is a bout a girl whos been through a lot, from being deaf, to stabbing up her crush, to ev...


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Story Reading List

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