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[Fandoms I'm In]


"For the Sorcerer I have never known
The Canadian I've never owned
The Butter I've never seen
The Deadlox that was never mean
The Mudkip that was not a fiesh
The Cake that always granted my wish
For the Star who lives to fly
For the Bacca who never died
Though they may not form again
I will remember way back then
When I sat down and watched them play
For them this is what I say
My words, they stand, for all they seem
They craft the names of a fallen team."
[Scattered Crew]

@SunmayTheScattered (Amara)
@aaliyahsgold (Lee)
@Celestial_Sword (Celestial)
@xShadowCraftiex (Shadow)
@DJAngelDog (Isatori)
@ProfessionalSnwo (Snwo)
@Drakes676 (Drakes)
@FlowerRosa12 (Rosa)
@_AshleyMadison (Ashley)
@ever00567 (Ever)
@Wolf686 (Wolf)
@sweet_lilly_love (Lilly)
@NanoByter (Nano)
@EnderGirl231 (Ender)
@Twilightlover2004 (Twilight)
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Yes, I have one now. Will i ever use it?.... eh, maybe.


Annnnnd that's it! I'll list more when I get more :3
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