I am a Mother and a lover of all animals and people. I've been a rocker all my life, but also love other various singers, and Disney movie soundtracks. 
I was a writer and an artist, and someday, I hope to regain my talent in both before I die.
I hate bigots and bullies. They make the world a cruel place to be for some people.
For the one that is torturing an ethnic, obese, mentally challenged, or gay person,
I hope God drops a house on YOU.
I believe that, had I lived my young adult years during the 50's and 60's, I would have been killed, murdered, or tortured for standing up for the one true cause I've felt strongly about my whole life:
Civil Rights.

I believe Love will save the day, but it is God that pulls our butt from the wreckage, saving us time and time again, giving us chance after chance to become a good person, until our last dying breath.
Life is precious, and people take the time they are given for granted - a hard lesson taught by regret. Value each day, as though it were your last.

My quote:

"When it comes to Love, there is no time... there is no distance.
Love beholds our very existence..."

My favorite Wattpad writers:

*@Sorrowfulface (Aaron Louis Asselstine)
*@Parogar (Kevin)
*@Introvertt (Phoebe Chloe)
*@Moonboots (Nawall Hassan)
*@DizzyHurricane (Dani Paige)
*@HarnessThePower (Alaska)
*@PauloCoelho (you're such a wise man.)
*@TCPTheThird (Thomas)

I wish to thank some writers for all of the kind words personally said to me. You are special to my heart. You give me new strength. Good Luck in all your endeavers, and never give up... no matter what happens...
Don't allow anybody or anything to
stop you from reaching your goals.
Let yourself be known.
Prevent regret at all costs.
Life is shorter than you think.
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