Hiya all
Im Fan of FT....since I found this App,I really enjoy reading as much as I can,getting really addicted to it.feel like FT burn deep in my heart.
My Favorite couple mostly Nalu4ever *wink* but I do like other ships too

Absolute fav ships :
NALU ==> Obviously lol

And, I read other stories too(Not jst Fairy Tail) don't want to write here,just check my reading lists below :D (if your curious)

Feel free to browse them....but
If there are some um..hm.. (>\\\>) *cough* le-mo-nade*cough*frm the stories.
Please skip and follow the author instructions/be warn if you are underage
(-///-') ..........you know yourself.
I will haunt you frm your sleep
*evil smile*

Thank you for taking your time reading (^ ^)
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