'' You are a mystery to me yet, so familiar . Like a song I've never heard before, and a tune I've known my entire life . ''

'' The key is keeping yourself to yourself . Keep your mystery. don't give them too much information . So they can't define you. ''

I'll remain to be a mystery , so that people won't be able to judge , criticize and discriminate me . You can call me O . just O like an initial letter of Oreo . But if I like you then you're lucky I'll tell you who I really am . good luck with that .

I don't pm first , no text talk , no emoji's , no dry texts .
minimum messages is fine , but I would love to have
a long conversation . You can also start a scene and
whatever you'd like it's fine by me .

literate + semi-literate anon 16''
  • in a place where you don't belong (:
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