i love music,dance,and reading !!!!!
i'm a single girl who a nerd,funny,and happy!!!!
i love to read funny,scary,and other stuff too!!!!
i also love to reading outside and at school !!!!
lol :) lms ... hope u reading my book baby :) lol !!!!
I also like to study for my test n stuff.!!!!
I love to party with my friend n my boyfriend lol :* !!!!!
I like to text on my phone to my mom,sister, and my boo :) lol!!!
I'm also a good girl n bad girl!!!!
I'm a cheerleader for Bastrop High School!!!
I"m a A+ student at school n sometime a B students!!!!
I love to hang out with my friend, go shopping, and listen to music!!!!!
I'm also 5 feet tall n look sexy as hell!!!!!
I'm a Twerk it Sexy Barbie:)!!!!!!!!!
People always said i say like nicki minaj !!!!
I look like a barbie doll but real!!!!!!
I love watching BAD GIRLS CLUB N SEX IN THE CITY!!!!!!!
I'm from New Orleans!!!!!!!
I'm a freak!!!!!
I have light brown eyes!!!!
I have long light brown hair!!!!
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