"Black, White, Green or Blue, show off your natural hue. If you're multicolored, that's cool too!"
-Flamingo (1/3/19)

"Gender. Aren't. Personalities."
-Jamporas (A comment from ShiiStudios' "Gender Animatic" video onbYouTube.) (1/22/19)

The art of my profile picture doesn't belong to me, the characters are Denki Kaminari from "Boku No Hero Academia" and Pikachu from "Pokémon".
The art of my background picture doesn't belong to me either, Kaminari still is belonged to BNHA and I found this picure from @PocketKami in Wattpad.

My whole name is Adrienne Francesca M. Antiquiño, but call me Addie for short.
Anyways, I'm an ugly bisexual being.
My birthdate is October 19, 2005, so I'm currently 13.

I live listening to nightcore songs such as "Headphones" and "How Do You Love Someone".

I am obsessed at the moment with Boku No Hero Academia. And my baes are all in the BakuSquad. (Katsuki Bakugou, Ejirou Kirishima, Hanta Sero, Denki Kaminari and Mina Ashido.)

I also like other animes like (obviously) "Boku No Hero Academia", "Ouran High School Host Club", "Yuri! On Ice" and more!

I pretty much am on the media 12/7.

I love watching anything animated, except if it's weird.

I love anything that is pastel, that's why I named my main female's OC, "Elfie Pastelle". I also like a clothing style called "Pastel Goth", it is super nice but I can't buy any items of clothing related to this is because of earning money.

I love my cousins until my last breath. No more, no less.

These are all my social medias by far. Go stalk me if you want to, I'm not forcing you:
Facebook: Addie Antiquino
TikTok: MMW
YouTube: pastELement
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MythicMysticWolfie MythicMysticWolfie Jan 19, 2019 12:55PM
Question y'all. If I can make an x Reader book out of any anime, what would it be?Also, which anime is better for your information? My Hero Academia or Little Witch Academia?Please tell me!
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