Hi there! *waves* Tis Jeanie here. I  transferred from my favorite writing site, Inkpop. (and Valorpen shut down too)

Things about me:
-I'm a very busy student teacher that procrastinates homework all the time. I'm studying to be an elementary math teacher.
-I'm a Potterhead, Whovian, and in many other fandoms.
-Just one, I'm a few, no family too?

My Writings: (Note: I don't want to post novels until they are almost complete)

Short Stories:
Mondays - Romance (Completed)
Speak Up - Romance (Completed)

What I'm [slowly] working on:

The Elements of Life Series (NOT POSTED)
Book 1: Damsel Always in Distress (Rewriting/ On Hold)
Book 2: Generate Silver (Rewriting/Plotting/ On Hold)
Book 3: Game of Hearts (Rewriting/ On Hold)
Book 4: Cessation [not written]

Standalone Bunnies hiding in the dark:
The Last Vibria - fantasy romance
Zinnia - Sci-Fi.
The Tales of Archwood - Adventure
(and many others)

How my reading lists work: (I update these randomly)

- Read Later: I'm interested. Once read, it will be moved to one of the ones below.
- Inkpop: these books used to be featured on inkpop. (If yours was let me know!)
- Undiscovered Gems- under 50,00-100,000 reads
- Increasing Stardom- 50,000-700,000 reads
- Famous Watty- Over 1 million reads

If you are very generous or just bored, feel free to make a cover. Or anything that might make my day much better. *cough* Comment! *cough* No seriously. I don't bite!

P.S. If you were lucky to actually get in one of the three reading lists after the 'Read Later' Congrats! You've won the Jeanie Approval.

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Highest Rankings:
Mondays: ShortStory #802

Book Recommendation: The Bully Book by Eric Kahn Gale
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The Last Víbria

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Description: While out picking berries, Princess Gemma is saved by a mysterious stranger, the last víbria.


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List