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shit I almost forgot my password-


@MysteriousNekoKun welp there goes your ass you laughed it off 


as you may know Charles has been an author for a year, and I wanted to announce he will no longer come back for various of reasons. the wattpad community seems to fall apart from what this app's purpose is, reading.
          anons started to pop out, and is really around–  heck it's like people don't read;;  sorry if I may offend anyone, I too-  have an anon account and.. I kinda feel bad about doing it myself.
          life and school has been around lately. and of course, he's busy. and he didn't have the energy to come back and update his books, something was wrong he says-  so I would gladly say that Charles has left wattpad. but his books will remain as memories and for you guys to read! anyways thank you for reading this.


@yanniie-chan I hope you'll do great in your life, Charles.
            You're such a funny and nice person. I hope you'll be successful and happy. Thanks for the amazing books, I really enjoyed it.


@yanniie-chan ; Awe , I am going to miss the guy, I hope he is happy and healthy outside of Wattpad ! He inspired us so much !


@yanniie-chan My idol left us...never saw this coming. I'm terribly feeling miserable, but I understand. It's his choice, education way important, and I wanted to say thanks for being part of this community. Charles, you inspired us. Now it's our turn to inspired others. See you soon, buddy.❤

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