Hi all! Just a quick message!
          	Due to the 10th chapter of BBD being a little small, I've uploaded chapter 11 too! Hope you read, comment and enjoy! I love hearing your feedback especially when I drifted a little and forget something ive wrote! Keep on scanning and keep on following! You guys are amazing! Lets make these chapters hit 500k and 10k votes!!!! 
          	Much love M-x-G


Hi please update the billionaire baby deal I love it so much... i regularly check on it for update please post new chapters thanks...


I love Billionaire Baby Deal please post a new chapter!! I finished it in like 2017 and I always check whether u have updated yet. Please Update!PLEASE!!!!!


I finished Billion Dollar Baby Deal and it was absolutely wonderful! I really hope that you’re doing okay and that you can get back to writing your books. Sending some well wishes girly! xoxo 


Hi I would like to tell you that your an amazing writer and I hope that you come back and update your stories.
          I only just started reading another of your books  and I must say that much like all your protagonist I have fallen in love with Ally.
          I hope to see you post soon.
          Thank you