Hello there!

If you are curious enough to know the person behind the computer, here are some things you might want to know...

I obviously love to read and write:)

Things to know about me:
*Yes, I do love One Direction...<3
*I'm a sucker for romance. A hopeless romantic. So romance is in all of my present books.
*I'm not outgoing or bubbly like how I may seem now. I'm shy...like super duperly shy, and backwards.
*Besides being a total wallflower, I'm quite the goof ball, but only a few people see that side of me. Sometimes, my readers do too.
*I'm quite curious, so I'm always asking questions. "Curiosity killed the cat," well, I'm no cat. So I'm safe.
*I'm observant, so I notice somethings that others might not, then again, sometimes I'm not. Those are the times I'm lost in my own thoughts.
*I can be super emotioinal, and caring. I cry when you cry, laugh when you laugh, and the such. That's just me, I guess.

One Direction, Micheal Buble, Olly Murs, Ed Sheeran.. And alot more, I just can't remember all of them.
Thanksgiving (the FOOD!)
The Princess Bride (although for every catagory theres a different favorite...)
Delirium (trilogy), Matched (trilogy), Iron Fey Series, Dustland Series...and the list goes on...

...That's all I can think of, feel free to ask me anything!

As for my books, all I have to say is that I hope that you read them and if or when you do, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing.



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Story Reading List