Hey ya!

I never know exactly how to start of these about me's and stuff but here it goes.

I love movies, songs, dancing, singing, reading, writing, art, animals and sports junky!
Love V for Vendetta and Lord of the Rings, best movies of all times, not really into Harry Potter, hate how they kill Siruis Black.

Um what else, ill update this later on to add more stuff but for now this is all i got.

Ooh and chat me up i don't bite! Just post on my message board or PM me and I'll reply!

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Mynameisnotforyou Mynameisnotforyou Oct 25, 2014 01:51AM
What is with this crappy weather, its Summer not Winter, stop raining already
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Description: Lady Scarlett was a woman with a mission, she had to do it and she wanted to do it fast. the last thing she needed was an obnoxious, and rude highway man in her way and what was even worse was that he wanted t...


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