Chris Myking signing in. 

Objective: Finish University with the degree - Awesomeness.

Terms: Write some stuff here when the time says that it's right.


Well, not much to be said. I'm a big fan of wattpad, which may not really say much as I love to read most anything.

I'm a big fan of medieval/viking themed stories, as well as most fantasy, be that real world, alternate world or mythical.

My native country is Norway, and though I've lived in the UK for some years I tend to be lazy with grammar, so if you feel like correcting me then do so. I'll then consider checking the corrections and suggestions whenever I have time.

Thus far I have not published anything, and the reason is simple. I have a few stories on the line, however I need time and motivation to finish them, or come as far as to know that I'll be able to. I don't like it when people stop writing stories in the middle of it, so I'm not going to leave similar cliffhangers for whomever would read my stories.

I have however written a little piece out of boredom. It was an urge of inspiration that hit me an early morning after reading some stuff in a newspaper I didn't like. So feel free to read "Just another number in Block D". It's not something I would usually write (at least I wouldn't write books about it) but it worked pretty nicely as a short story.

Hopefully I'll have some stories ready by the end of the year.

In the meantime I suggest the stories written by Ironkite and pmpanda. They are inspirational sources for me still being on wattpad.

.... And so the story goes.
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