Hi , my name is Atiyya. What should I say ? Hm... I'm awesome , well at least i THINK i am . I try :-[ , that's why I'm forever alone. i LOVE spongebob , he's so square & yellow <3.<3 , it's sexy. & your sexy, unless your really ugly, then this wasn't directed to you ;x . I love those " awkward moments" _ that awkward moment you drink milk in front of a cow. Ah. I sing too , not good, but i sing. YOLO. & i have an extra toe, Just kidding, i wish :T . 

Bye. -_- , ^ this is exactly why I'm forever alone.
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    Dec 09, 2011 04:31AM
Myhubbyspongebobx3 Myhubbyspongebobx3 Apr 12, 2012 02:25AM
@Lusterdragon72 i forgot my password , & i had to think really , really hard for SO LONG & guess what ? I GOT IT <3 , now . . . I'm back. 
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Above, Below and Behind

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Description: Sometimes we hide behind a wall, and when we finally decide not to hide anymore, there's another wall in front of us. So what do we do ? Some people decide to give up, some people decide to break down each wal...


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Pick on me now.

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" The Rose Who Grew On Concrete " Imitation.

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When I was Younger

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