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My name is Varis! (the cringe mistress)
I'm a 15 and i love video games -3-
Has an award for fangirling too much
not really...

I also LOVE YouTube A LOT.


A L O T.

My hobbies are drawing, playing the piano, gaming and writing :3

I'm a huge shipper and I ship practically everything I know. (mostly gay stuff ><)

My main ships are...
•Shizaya [Shizuo X Izaya] (Durarara!!)
•Aoba X Ren (DRAMAtical Murder)
•Ereri [Eren X Levi] (Shingeki no Kyojin)
•Karma X Nagisa (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu)
•Septiplier (Markiplier X JackSepticEye)
•Setosolace (Setosorcerer X Brice-Goldsolace)
•Subthan (Subzeroextabtye X 5m - Ethan)
•Simdil90 (SimonHDs90 X Bodil40)

[this is not the full list]

(I just realised realised a lot of my ships start with 's' :T)

p.s I suck at writing (probably) and I don't update very often because of schOOL

oH and I love comments so please comment
(I need motivation to update)

yeah I know, I'm kinda boring xD

Bai my Shippers and stay AWESOME!!!
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My random art book of stuff! :D
Updates are real slow so dont expect much :3
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