Greetings the name is Em. I'm probably too old to be doing this fanfic thing so it's good that I never update, right? 

I do the art thing and I cosplay too so check out my instagram @tamono13.

I obviously like anime and manga but I also love comics, cartoons, music and reading. I spend the majority of my free time in Air Cadets and sometimes play video games with my big brother. And to be completely honest I watch a whole load of television which is why I have such terrible eyesight.

I like to learn new languages. At the moment I can speak English (albeit my linguistic skills leave something to be desired), German, French and a bit of Welsh. I'm also learning Japanese but I'm not doing so well.

I play the acoustic guitar, electric bass and piano. I'm in love with Fall Out Boy and have seen them live twice. I also like My Chemical Romance, Queen and Lana Del Ray. I will always be happy to chat about music.

Naruto and all copyrights belong to Masashi Kishimoto
Harry Potter is the property of J.K. Rowling.
All OC are created by me with the sole exception of Uzumaki Princess (Makeout Paradise) who belongs to @PrincessUzamaki

@princessuzamaki My selfless best friend FAN HER!

@Hotaru_hyuga She introduced me to anime so I wouldn't be here without her.

@CrazyAssTwins300 YAY! Harry potter fanfiction! READ IT!

@abnormality I share this account with two friends. Our story is the shit.
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MyChemicalKakashi MyChemicalKakashi Aug 07, 2014 09:25PM
Hey guys if you could check out my friend's fic I would be super grateful!!! (and it would be even awesomer if you voted and commented <3 :D)
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