About Me! =D

♥ Im random, forgetful and clumsy. If I drop something once then I'm gonna drop a whole lotta other things in a row :)
♥ Music is my life. I play the guitar, keyboard and want to learn drums. I write songs and sing as well.
♥ Im a spiritual person with strong faiths and beleifs. But I am very open minded, never discriminate on any basis and have nothing against any religion. I'm always open for discussions in this respect. So feel free to pm me any time :)
♥ I'm a very friendly person and I'm a vegetarian and can't bear the thought of killing animals and eating them. I can't even kill bugs! (I know that that's pretty lame....but oh well! =)) 

♫ Fave music: Rock and Soul
☼ Fave colour: Blue and it's infinite shades :)
☼ Fave books: The Harry Potter Series and a million other books!
☼ Fave sports: Table tennis, Tennis, Basketball.

Book Excerpt [Funny] of the week:

Urian: What's the deal with the bossman?
Alexion: I don't know. He came in last night with a book, went to his room to read, I suppose, and then he came out here this morning and has been playing . . .those songs ever since.
Those songs were ballads, which Acheron never played. God-smack, Sex Pistols, TSOL, Judas Priest, but not . .
Urian physically cringed: Is that . . Julio Iglesias?
Alexion: Enrique.
Urian grimaced in horror: I didn't even know he knew any mellow shit. Dear gods . . . is he ill?
Alexian: I don't know. In nine thousand years, I've never seen him like this before.
Urian shuddered: I'm beginning to get scared. This has to be a sign of the Apocalypse. If he breaks out into Air Supply, I say we sneak up on him, drag him outside and beat the holy shit out of him.
Alexion: I'll let you and the demons do that. I personally like my semi-living state too much to jeopardize it.
Ash looked up and pierced them both with a malevolent glare: Don't you two girls have something
better to do like pick out toe lint?
Urian grinned: Not really.
~Dark-Hunter series, Acheron, Sherrilynn Kenyon
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