Well Im new to Wattpad and stuff :D I had this accont for awhile but I only used it for reading and one day i randomly uploaded, because of my friend :) But I hope you enjoy my writing!! :D Here is alittle bit about myself!!
SO if you enjoy my writing fan me :) I will dedicate a story chapter just to you if you do,only if you want :) :) (Liking that idea? I am too :D) Let me know if you want a chapter dedicated to youu!!

Random Facts:
*I love film and photography
*Feilds are calming
*I am a girl.
*Vampires And Werewolves <3 <3
*I love to read.
*I enjoy Doctor Who.
*I am a Nerdfighter.
*I play guitar.
*I am a Whovian .
*I can play a bit of piano.
*Music isn't my life whatsoever, but my feelings lean heavily on it.
*Iced tea is my bestfriend.
*I am up for making new friends!!
*I like to treat people the way I would want to be treated.
*I know a little French.
*Im good at Math.
****You are probably bored.
***************I like to make people laugh :)

*(*(*(**(*If youd like to know more feel free to mesage me!!

Highest Ranking(That I can remember :)

On The Run With You?: Thriller #203
You Only Live Once: Other #302 / Poetry #395
So It Started With A Kiss: Teen Fiction #386
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MusicLaughsAndGuitar MusicLaughsAndGuitar Dec 12, 2012 08:47PM
@anniema3 Aww thanks hun :) Have an awesome day!! DFTBA
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