Hey, Guys

Hmmm...about me...lets see.

I love writing (obviously)
Reading and music are my obsessions. I love all kinds of music but I have a soft spot for the emotional ones, oh, and japenese too!
I'm basically a book worm. lol :P
BoyxBoy should really have its own genre.
My bffl's on here are PrincessJayde and MadInsidiousSheepGrl - Check out their stories!
People might call me a nerd but I prefer unique. ( The only opinion that matters is your own )
I joined wattpad so I could both share my stories on here, and vote and comment on others stories.
Ice-cream is delicious
Don't try and mix an omlet with bread crumb! (Failed experiment)
I tend to daydream a lot, hard to stick with reality.
The first story I ever read on here was probably 'He Was Cool' by Ari3ll3
Tried to teach myself piano (Failed)
Tried to teach myself Japanese (Double fail)
I hate rides that go upside down and refuse to go on the scissors at Luna Park - just ask Sheep Grl
Hate big rollercoasters (Scary)
Love the little haunted house exhibits at carnivals
Spring and Autumn are my time of year
I get embarrassed easily (Blush as red as a tomato)
Opinionated and very stubborn ( Once gave the silent treatment for 4 days )
Red is my favourite colour
Love people with green eyes ( Mine are brown )
I sing when no ones listening
And okay i think thats enough about me

Plz vote, fan and comment (especially comment) I'd love to know what u think!
Feel free to chat and msg me - it gets lonely on here when ur just reading ( puppy dog eyes)
Thank you to everyone who even bothers reading what I write, U guyz r AMAZING!

P.S. U fan, I fan

Happy Reading

XOXO ;-) call me Prastranda
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Whispers In The Night

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Description: What is light, To the night? To words on a page, Under the moon's watchful gaze? 12 o'clock, The Beginning and the End. 12:01am, Sleep has come, To undo the day's suffering, To welcome tomorrow's, In the hope that one day things will be different. ...

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A is for Accident - D is for Death

A is for Accident - D is for Death

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Quiet Girl

Quiet Girl

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A poem of isolation

MusicIs4Eva commented on Daddy - Chapter Twenty-One

Holy crap, my mind is in shambles. I totally did NOT see this coming.
      Is Arthur seriously a hit man? Just...wow. So long as he doesn't kill Mateo, his family, or children, I'm good.

Oh wow just saw the picture. So freaking cute! God, i never have the patience for patterns when I draw, but damn does it look good.
      My heart is on cloud fücking 9! When I saw the update I was like "YASSS!" Then I remembered what was happening and was like "grr, better get tissues and a stress ball" and the Noah goes and be's adorable and my heart melted.
      I love this book so much. It's like a drug to me and so incredibly enchanting, I can't even explain.
      Can't wait to see what happens next. ( the best part is that I really have no idea what might happen!!!)
      I think I might go as far as to say I love you.