Hmmm...about me...let's see...

Well, first off, reading and music are my obsessions. I'd go as far as to say they're an addiction. I will spend hours each day reading and listening to music. I adore all kinds of music, but I have a particular soft spot for indie or anything with powerful emotion, English or otherwise.

I'm basically a book worm. I tell everyone, when I'm immensely rich (because that's going to happen) I'm going to purchase my own private library and just read.

Boyxboy has become an ultimate adoration of mine. There are completely beautiful authors on here of boyxboy that are just beyond words. My top recommendations are: @SuperheroesAndSprite, @vee_ano, @PaisleyViking, @RoughDraftHero, @JackHarbon, @rotXinXpieces, @SneezingTurtle, @xxWhoAteMyCookiesxx,@Immlaaarr, @Poetically-Damaged and @AlyWasHere17.

I joined wattpad so I could both share my stories on here, and vote and comment on others' stories (though in recent years it's been mostly the latter).

The first story I ever read on here was probably 'He Was Cool' by Ari3ll3. It holds a special place in my heart - almost like a first love - and reminds me of the Wattpad before all the site updates and the 20 million stories with the same titles, half of which are One Direction fanfiction.

I'm an avid reader of yaoi manga - no surprise, really, given my library - and HIGHLY recommend checking out: • Junjou Romantica • Sekaiichi Hatsukoi • Blue Sky Complex • Elektel Delusion • Otona Keikenchi • Himegoto Asobi • Junketsu Drop • Ten Count • Seven Days • Hatsuai • Seinen wa Ai o Kou ~~ The fact that I can't even limit my suggestions just shows how bad I've got it ;)

Don't be shy to PM me - especially if you happen to check out anything I've mentioned above.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read what I write. You guys are amazing!

Happy Reading
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Whispers In The Night

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Description: What is light, To the night? To words on a page, Under the moon's watchful gaze? 12 o'clock, The Beginning and the End. 12:01am, Sleep has come, To undo the day's suffering, To welcome tomorrow's, In the hope that one day things will be different. ...

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A is for Accident - D is for Death

A is for Accident - D is for Death

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A new way to learn your A, B, C's...

Quiet Girl

Quiet Girl

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A poem of isolation


Oh my goooood! This whole chapter I have been knawing my lip off thinking "they're gonna meet again, they're gonna meet again" and then bam! Leave me hanging.
      But I positively love it! Your books have a habit of making me hold my breath in anticipation; is an exciting feeling that seems to have disappeared a bit recently in other stories.
      I cannot express how much I am looking forward to the next chapter. I think my eyes bulging out of my head and the half strangled squeal that escaped my throat when I saw "Aurora Circus" is explanation enough.
      I can see this story quickly becoming a favourite of mine. And if they kiss next chapter I think I'm gonna die. And holy cràp, if they don't see each other next chapter I'm going to cry and then die.
      Brilliant chapter. You can definitely expect an involuntarily long comment next update if you keep being this amazing.
MusicIs4Eva commented on Daddy - Chapter Twenty-Five

He'd left it alone for the past few days, unable to talk to anyone. As a result, he had plenty of missed calls and texts. Was this what Arthur's phone looked like? Mateo quickly sorted through all...
Damn, I was hoping there's be a shît ton of messages from Arthur.
      That speech was beautiful though. I wouldn't have been able to keep it together like Mateo did.