Munazza Bangash is a story writer, mainly short ones, but currently in the middle of writing a full-length novel in the genre of Romance/Psychology. Her first novel, which was a fan fiction written only for practice, gained her more than 100,000 readers.

When she isn't glued to the computer screen, she's usually painting her face with makeup, searching for it, or buying it, or probably studying Psychology. Playing badminton or having a laugh with little kids. Being the worst cook and fashion designer, or maybe trying very hard not to gain more weight!

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Sam and Mia (Twitter)

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Description: When our grandchildren asked us to tell them about our love story, he and I smiled at each other, and I began: "It was 2nd May, 2015. He had followed me on Twitter." _______________________ [This story has been written for entertainment purposes. T...

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Writing 101

Writing 101

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Guide. Tips. Rants. You name it. These are articles about creative writing that I usually post on my blo...

The Undying -- Series (On hold)

The Undying -- Series (On hold)

1.4K 80 133

Immortal love of the mortals. A short story series.

To Live With The Wonderers! [1D]

To Live With The Wonderers! [1D]

10.1K 541 309

He grabbed me by my upper arms and pined me against the wall next to us with a thump. I let out a huff o...

MunazzaBangash commented on Sam and Mia (Twitter) - One

I'm glad you were honest. 
      It is about teens so it's naturally teen fiction. Secondly, I'm not being rude, but you had a choice between this and the short stories. The short stories are full of details and are in the genre of romanticism. No teen fic. A complete opposite of this. And if you chose this, you must have see the word "Twitter" and "Twitter covos", then I wonder why you chose to comment on this instead of the short stories if you're not interested in these kinds of things. Yeah, I said it. :)
      I'm thankful for the honesty, by the way. I appreciate it because I'm just the same. :)