♩☜  ŁⓔⒶvⒾᶰǤ ค 𝔹Ꭵⓣ ᗝ𝒇 Ⓢp𝐀ℝ𝐤lẸ ᗴVẸⓇ𝔂Ŵнέⓡє 𝕀 ⓖᵒ ✨
𝕊ⓂᵃⓇ𝓽. ŜⓉяㄖ𝐧G. ร𝔦Ĺlч. s𝓣г𝕒𝓲𝕘卄𝕋 𝐔𝓟 ςㄥ𝒶Ŝ𝕊 ⒶČ𝕋.
丨'M Nㄖ𝓉 ρ𝓔𝐫𝒻ες丅 𝓫𝓾ⓣ 𝓼Ⓣ𝕠яĮⒺŜ ⓐᖇ𝒆 ค𝐥𝔀ⓐ𝓨𝓈 𝓑Ẹ𝓣tẸℝ ω丨𝓣ʰ 𝓐 𝕥𝐨𝕌匚h σƒ iм𝔭έг𝓕𝔼Čţi𝕠𝐧
𝕄𝓨 ˢⓣᵃ𝐍Ⓓαяᗪ𝓢 Ãяⓔ ℍiG𝕙... ⓙ𝕦ร𝕥 𝓵ⓘⓀ𝔼 𝕄Ў 𝓗єεŁŜ
𝓜e: ⒽaⓅρץ ⓖĮгℓŜ คRⓔ Ť𝔥𝔢 ρⓇ𝒆丅𝔱Ⓘⓔ丂т αⓁ𝓼σ 爪ε: Ɨ'∂ 𝓛𝐢к𝐄 ᵗ๏ 𝒷UƳ ❶5 ρ𝐎𝔲N๔𝓢 Ⓞ𝒇 ᵐÃ𝐤ⒺỮᵖ, ק𝐋𝔢𝒶sε
𝐰𝐇Ⓞ Ⓡυ几Ş 𝔱нⒺ Ŵᵒrℓ𝐃? me.
𝐈'Ⓜ 𝐇Ⓤ𝐫Ť 𝓫ᑌⓉ i ştᶤ𝐋Ļ 𝐬𝓂丨𝓁є. 𝕋нⒶŤ'ᔕ ΜƳ 𝓛if𝑒.
𝐄V𝔼я𝓨Ⓞ𝐍έ Ⓔ𝕃Se wᵃ𝕤 丅aҜ𝐞𝓃 S𝔬 тĦιŞ 𝓘ᔕ Ⓜ𝒆
𝕣𝕖ⓒ𝓞ⓥ𝐞R𝐢ⓝ𝑔 𝒸𝐚ⓚẸ Δ𝐝Ⓓ𝐈℃т 🎂
𝕀 𝓜άЌ𝐄 м𝐨几𝒆Ў 𝓘N ๓Ⓨ ร𝓛𝔢𝒆ℙ 🛌 🍭🍮

So hello I am a girl, bisexual, teenager and a multistan (kpop, anime and horror)
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