@GuessImAlreadyDead - I love you and Ima with you forever. Where you go I go to.. <3
@ChasingThoughts - I love you Levs, always and your a great guy and I am glad I met cha! <3 @GonnaBeSomeone - I luff chu!! You are awesome and a great guy!! And like Eves you live three hours away!! :D
@White_Parade - I love you Eves!! Best friend ever and you only live three hours away!
@Vamp_Prince - the greatest guy to talk to..He may have gone though some stuff, but he is still fighting strong..He's my hero <3 I love you so much
@Fallen_tu_bits - Hey Tibs, I love you so much!! :D Awesome as friend :D @Austinlovesemos - Hey bud, I love ya, I'll talk to you everyday if you want. you mean alot to me. love ya Austie <3 I better not lose you mate. You mean too much to me to lose. <3
@outlaw10000 - My bff and awesome assed friend. LOVE YOU!!! <3

@DallyD – You were a great guy. I love you so much. Rest in peace my big brother. Shall see you soon <3
@BlahImJoey - Joey, I love you so much! You’re like my little brother  and you’re a great/awesome friend  Love ya <3 RIP I will miss you so much my baby/big brother..Always in my heart... </3
@roani_SaysHi - My awesome stunning wattpad sister!! DONT MESS WITH HER!! <3
@XXSilentDarkness - My loving and caring big bro. I love you bro!! Hurt him and I will show you hell...Love you… @xTheFemaleBoss - Love ya sis!! No one hurt her or ya dead! @ForceFromAbove -NO ONE HURTS MY BABY BRO! Love you big bro <3
@RyrysKitten - Me loves your baby bro(Travey)!! Stay strong <3 Fan him!!
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My poem book :O

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Waiting for you to come back home Timmy <3

Waiting for you to come back home Timmy <3

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Go Screw Yourself!

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Nightmare Cave

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AngelFromDemon posted a message to MsSita101
Uh idk if you knew this or not. Brandon is fake. Brandon is actually Lilla. She isn't on wattpad anymore. I can get you in contact with her if you would like me to. I am still very good friends with her.