I'm on a crusade to follow every non-fangirl on the site, as a heads-up. I've also started doing follow-backs, so... Y'know, I got that going for me. I've also got a severely WIP (But hopefully amazing) Fallout Fanfic in the works, but it's going to hit the site like a novel would: Finished, proofread, reviewed, double checked and (Hopefully) with a cover.

Well, I'm 16 years young, whiling away my days in prison, a place most people call High School. I'm reasonably skilled in writing, but my major block is dialog. I'm always looking to broaden my range, so as long as this isn't full of all that 1D BS like Quotev, Feel free to recommend anything you wish. I read all genres, but mostly because of what was available on the Nook, and one more thing: I'm an Atheist, with my own views and I can be quite stubborn on that point, though I respect other peoples beliefs.
I'll post a pic of myself at some point or another. I'm a die-hard whovian, My parents split up, all 4 of my dads are assholes, and my mom is awesome. I have very few friends, and I'm glad to say that I'm a nerd, geek, and all around know-it-all asshole. I treat everyone with respect, unless they disrespect me. How I feel about you is up to how you act, but I'll still treat you well. I have 4 dogs(Mama, Gizmo, Chloe and Marley), 3 cats(Baxter, Boots, and Penelope), between all the houses, and I have the most wonderful girlfriend on earth. Her name is Gabby, and it's long distance at this point. She's coming over next summer though, so I'll put a pic of me with her up when I can, and I can't wait to see her.
Also, misc info: I'm a furry, my 'Sona's a mouse, whose ref will soon replace my profile pic, and I spend WAY too much time on Chatzy. (PM for the links to the rooms, which are mainly premium.) I roleplay a lot, and I'm open for it here, just keep it SFW. Any other questions? PM Me!
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Writers Block by MrPond
Writers Block
Just a fun little short story, enjoy!