my name is matthew luke altman.
i live in east albany.
i was born on june 19, 1993.

im not like the rest.
im different.
im me, and im proud ♥
hit me up of you wanna be friends or you would like to get to know me:)
im easy to get along with.
i love meeting new people and the best thing of all,
is that im crazy.
I walk thrue graveyards for fun, and I'm one of the coolest kids you could meet;3
I am gay,
and I'm proud of who I am:)
ive done some bad things in my life, but ive always made up for them. i feel like you should always learn from your mistakes. even though sometimes you haft to deal with them the rest of your life. im very outgoing. i love to travel. i am in college, and i will be for another three years. i believe in god. and i believe that god sends us places to open our eyes to see the truth. i believe he loves everyone regardless of if your gay, black, or some crazy murderer. i believe that god forgives us of our sins and he loves us no matter what. you reap what you sew.
i do love to read(whatever im interested in lol) and yes, i do love watching tv too. so, if you find me interesting message me:) im always up for a new friend. thanks for reading♥
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