Howdy Friends, I hope you are feeling well and one with the sprinkles that is giving to us by the invisible fairies and mermaids that float in the air. (Yes, Mermaids float, they don't swim. Whoever told you that is lying! But Shh! I told you because I like you)

*~ I have taken down some of my stories so I can edit them~*

I'm 23.

A Capricorn.

Born in Winter.

A Lover of all shades of Green. (Thought I was going to say Grey? Cheeky)

I obviously support the LGBT community. My books are all LGBT and mostly werewolf (I have no idea why) I'm not the best writer, I suck at grammar and punctuality and all that jazz. ( I miss words, a lot, out of sentences - Oops!) I will edit all my books when I am through.

I write a lot of MPREG. ( I call the dudes who carry the babies, Mum. Deal with it)

I am of BRITISH descent. I do love tea (PG TIPS RULE OVER ALL OTHER LOWER RANKING TEA BAGS- ) Sorry where was I? Oh yesh : I'm a fan of strong independent Female characters ( Hi, Buffy!) and Gay characters who actually have more going for them instead of their sexuality and being obsessed with sex and acting stereotypical. ( I dislike Stereotypes intensely)

Don't be afraid to message me or write on my wall, I like seeing people write to me. I write for me and for you.

I also like Lemon and Netflix. I am scarily obsessed with Netflix.

I am huge fan of Fantasy, Comedy and Horror. Comics rule me and so do Superhero movies. I want to be a slayer.... and I am a man... well, sort of. ;)

I dislike people, I love my room, being alone and watching movies. People bad, Books Good.

Be warned that my books are mature and are for a mature audience. 18 +

:) Enjoy, Dudes and If you are a dudette - Hi and Welcome :)
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Mr-Lemon Mr-Lemon Aug 01, 2017 04:39PM
Hey Guys :) I know I have been MIA for a while and I haven't updated my stories- I have been going through a huge writer's block and I have been focusing on my novel- But I will put up a new story an...
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