Name: Moustache101
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Drawing, Painting, and having fun! :D
Favorite color(s): Red, Black, and Magenta
Pet(s): Altron (whippet) and Charlie (Chihuahua and Pug mix)
Favorite flower: Cherry Blossoms
Favorite food(s): Apples, Watermelon, Pizza, Coca-Cola, and Water
Favorite sport: Soccer
Favorite animal(s): Horses, Dolphins, Bunnies, Penguins, Pandas, and Piglets

Description about myself:
Hi I'm Moustache101 and I'm a really fun person once you get to know me. All my friends tell me I'm funny and I always cheer them up when they're down. I've had a rough life so far I'm hoping it will get better, but I don't have to worry because I have awesome friends there to help me out along the tough spots. I know some may think I'm boring, but I'm ok with that. Your opinion doesn't matter it what I think that counts. I probably already lost you. Well that’s alright I don't need anyone on here to listen. All I want is to be heard through my stories. I put a lot of effort into my stories I try to make them interesting. If you give me a chance and read some of my stories I thing you will like them. I love to read all sorts of books so if you ask me to read one of yours then you can count on me to read them. So just give me a shout out about your book and I will be sure to read them. I also have an account on MissLiterati if you want to read some of my other books. My user name is epicbieberfan34 so just look me up and if you want to read they are there. I know you probably won't but I understand who would want to read a loser's books. Thanks for reading if you read but if you didn't that’s ok.
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Description: Kaitlyn Williams and Justin Rodgers have been best friends since birth but ever since Justin's 16th birthday he's realized that he's tired of just being the supportive best friend. He want's to be Kaitlyn’s bo...


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Story Reading List

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