Well....... I love to read that's why i started writing, i ran out of books too fast. I used to have a quizzila acount  but i didn't like quizzila much, people never finish their own storys. so hopfully wattpad will be my perfect fit =-D
i love the hunger games, harry potter, the mortal instrament series (probably spelt that wrong), and if you know any great books tell me the name so i can look at 'em!
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Moonlove2011 Moonlove2011 Jun 15, 2012 06:50AM
@EmberTora354 I should have it posted tomorrow.... or i guess sence it's 2am, later today.... sry it took a while i just got this book and i got really into it and forgot...:(
            But it will be up soon!
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Description: The Disease, no one really knows what it is, but the military tells them enough to make them fear it and anyone that has it. According to them if someone catches the disease they are no longer people; they are...


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