I'm a girl who loves to read also i love anime and video games
Oh ya I'm bilingual English is a second language (just in case u see my grammar being terrible lol)

Im bisexual and Call me Kyra or idk whatever but u can't call me yours, sorry gals and pals but I finally someone and I feel bad for them having found me (jk I love them)

My partner and I are making a story I'm honestly not sure if I should post it here or somewhere else lol cuz jeez this account is old lol I'm not sure who would be willing to read it, regardless love y'all and talk to y'all later and if u made it this far into my bio congrats u know my weird life and random details I about me, I dont have anything to reward u with since I'm broke lol and if u wanna give me ur thoughts on what I should do with my story tell me I would love to hear input
  • idk the void of darkness ... I guess??
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