An announcement before I write my bio- I'm not gonna write two chapters every Sunday anymore, not that I was actually following that... Anyway, my bio. I'm going to do what I've seen several people do and write things about myself. 

1. I really like writing

2. My favorite color is green

3. I have a cat named Waapalaa. Pronounced Wuh-pah-luh

4. Cats are my favorite animal

5. I can count in Japanese

6. I love vocaloid!

7. I hate the number seven

8. I used to have an albino leopard gecko but it died, it apparently lived a long life even though I only had it for a year... but I wasn't first one who had it

9. I hate being pressured to do stuff, and if I'm pressured it never gets done

10. I said that so that people would stop yelling at me when I update things late.

11. I am a die hard otaku.

12. For those of you who don't know, otakus are people who like anime, manga, and all that stuff.

13. I hate Disney channel.

14. I'm a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan. Don't insult me on my board, you WILL regret it.

15. I play softball.

I just thought I'd try it.
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Mooncheese121 Mooncheese121 Feb 07, 2013 03:37AM
@shynsweetie  It sounded like the way Russia would word that sentence too... So very weird!!
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