im skye :]] im super excited about havig a profile here on wattpad!

my pet peev's are: when some one decides not to wright a story just because their not getting the numver of votes they want. i mean, i have started reading tons of stories and was seriously heart broken when they stopped wrighting cause i wanted to know the friggen ending lol.
and two, when someone puts their dirty nasty shoes on my bed lol i dont care if someone lays on my bed, but seriously? take the shoes off before you get comfortable. i do not wanna sleep in dirt llol

i <3 wattpad :] im so obsessed i have the app on my phone and all i do is read haha. when im going somewhere with my bf, i read on the way there. (he hates it)

I love wattpad, but I love my bf so much more ^_^ his name is ty, and he is Gods Gift to my world! I love him ooober much and I cant go a day without him! Ill lose my mind.
(in litteral terms) He is a blue eyes sandy brown haired boy and he holds the key to my heart : ) every beat is for him :D

but any ways..... im skye :]
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MontanaSkye MontanaSkye Jan 19, 2011 08:59PM
            Mkay : ) thanks for telling me!
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