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Delinquent Camp

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Description: [Watty Awards Mystery Finalist] Tragedies change people. That being said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the accident changed Gemma. Anger problems seem like the only issue to her, but her father and evil step-mother see a lot more than that l...

#54 in Mystery / Thriller

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25.1K 1.1K 142

Sloane can remember some of her life, but she doesn't remember everything. After making it to Fort Saund...



1.7M 50.9K 2.6K

One bridge. Two guys. Three secrets. Four therapists. Five attempts. Six months. Seven bad habits. Eight...

As I Am

As I Am

400K 13.7K 1.1K

“Do you want to talk? You know, about everything?” Evan asks. He’s staring up at the star-covered sky as...



104K 4.1K 507

Sloane can't remember a thing. After hitting her head, every memory before that moment is lost. As she s...

#230 in Mystery / Thriller
GeorgiaChambers posted a message to Monst3rs
I absolutely love 'As I Am' and 'Delinquent Camp'. I seriously think you should get 'As I Am' published, it's such an emotional book and I love it. ❤️
RayMayPotter posted a message to Monst3rs
I'm pretty sure you get this a lot....but i finished delinquent camp in literally 1 day!!! Its so perfectly written that you became my inspiration to add a little mystery to my story! You are honestly AMAZING!! I'm also starting to read the rest of your stories. they should consider turning it into a movie ♡♡♡♡♡
LookViridian posted a message to Monst3rs
Okay, so I just wanted to say, your book - The other side of the tracks- is truly amazing, and tears came to my eyes at the last parts, but yh, its just a really amazing read and I thought you should know. (Gosh I'm akward) x
Darkskull1629 posted a message to Monst3rs
I really enjoyed your book, delinquent camp, and I am looking forward to reading more of your books. You are a great writer, and hope that you will continue to write more. Sincerely, Darkskull