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John O'Callaghan is probably the best human being ever

I write a ton of crap about werewolves and vampires
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MollyColeman MollyColeman Jul 28, 2011 05:11PM
OMG!!!! Thanks to everyone who read or added The Girl with Green Eyes to their library!!! As of the moment it has 1,030 reads!! 
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Life, Death, and the Middle

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Description: There's life, there's death, and there's a middle part where you aren't dead but you aren't alive either. In exchange for her best friends freedom she agrees to become to vampire.

Mature 10 Parts - Completed

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The girl with green eyes

The girl with green eyes

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Melanie Holmes's was always the outcast. The freak. But just when things turn up they spiral back down...

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Story Reading List

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