I'm an aspiring novelist with a passion for exploring realms other people shy away from. I enjoy writing about the dark, demonic, abusive, and cruel, but I also take great pride in my ability to convey romance, heartache, sorrow, and passion.
My skills lie particularly in descriptive details, helping my readers learn the world around my characters. I have a difficult time when it comes to pacing, however, and I tend to rush into plot points without much time to breathe.

I write fanfiction and original pieces, but most of what I intend to post will be completely original, such as Suki, which only features my own characters.
I take constructive criticism well, I like to think, but will not tolerate blatant insults which have nothing to offer towards my improvement as a writer. If you're going to point out a flaw, be polite about it. You don't need to sugar-coat, just be polite.
Even if you don't have any critiques to offer, I still enjoy getting feedback. Ask a question, it's alright. If you don't understand something I've written, it means I need to explain it later, or fix it now.

I actively seek out writers with few followers.
Follow me, and I'll follow back.
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MizukiUki MizukiUki Mar 24, 2016 12:34PM
Suki is on hiatus. I've stepped back for a while, taken a break, and realized I'm not happy with it, so it's going to undergo some changes. The original intention was to focus on the whole family, bu...
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Description: Each chapter is an individual story, with different characters, and a different plot. Many may contain OCs owned by other people, with their permission and/or by their request. Credit where credit is due, all...


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Secret of the Star

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A normal girl finds herself suddenly caring for two inter-dimensional beings who have no way to get home...

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